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Ongoing Projects

A series set in an abandoned, post-cataclysm wilderness, Northbound follows a handful of survivors as they eke out a daily existence and slowly unravel the mystery of an event that killed millions in a single day. My character is Gina, a sniper with a mysterious past, who rebels against the militant group she was with, the Firewalkers, in an attempt to start her life over working with the good guys, better known as the Infinity group. Gina is introduced in Season 2 of the series, and we are preparing to film Season 3 in the coming months, through summer 2020.

Have you watched the first two seasons? Northbound is currently holding in the top three series on Seeka TV, which is a free streaming channel you can find on your smart TV! Click this link to watch!

Recent Projects

Mommy Heist

Created by/ Starring Kayla Kelly

Synopsis: Two moms decide to rob a bank in order to pay for their children's birthday parties

Agramon's Gate

Directed by Harley Wallen, Starring Laurene Landon and Yan Birch.

Synopsis:  When a psychic reader and Medium is invited to a party, something goes terribly wrong. A The spirit of Agramon crosses over to haunt the people who attended the party. But can they solve her mystery and send her back before its too late?

an intrusion 

Directed by Nicholas Holland, starring Keir Gilchrist and Scout Taylor-Compton.

Synopsis: Sam deals with the repercussions of an extramarital affair and will go to any length to hide his deepest secrets from his loved ones.


Directed by Phil Wurtzel, starring Michael Welch.

Synopsis: Nick, a decorated war hero, suffers from PTSD. After losing the things he loved most as a result, Nick finds new purpose in life after a visit from a wise woman.


Directed by Robert Joseph Butler, Starring Richard Tyson.

Synopsis: A story that follows three generations of vampire women who find their lives put into jeopardy by their environmental and economic surroundings.

Upcoming Projects


Directed by Timothy Paul Taylor

Starring: Joseph R. Giannascoli

Synopsis: England AD 1017. War unlocks possibilities too unfathomable to believe.

Veronica Pratt, Awkward Mom- TV pilot 

Created By/ Starring Kayla Kelly

Synopsis: An aloof mother tries to raise her teenage daughter in today's world. Trouble is, she's not the sharpest tool in the shed and gets herself into sticky situations.

The final sunset

Created by Paul D. Morgan

Synopsis: An exciting western meets supernatural thrill ride. More info to come.


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